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Ghia Hoover ghia_f at
Wed May 31 13:19:47 PDT 2000

>The thought of fighting indoors kinda ruins the whole period idea of
>rapier fighting out on a list for the honor of your Queen.  If we have
>to move it indoors we need to scrap the boots and wear sneakers.  While
>were at it, lets just scrap all that garb stuff just wear sweats and a
>fencing jacket.  You know if we limit the list fields to about 4ft wide,
>we could get a lot more in there too.  Then we could have us a good ol'
>fencing tournament.

A.  Fencing Indoors is perfectly period.  It was done frequently. I would 
also point out that boots are for horsemen.  Everyone else in period wore 
cute little slippers.

B.  If the events hall isn't period enough for you, what makes you think 110 
degree weather has a particularly European ambiance? I mean, I've *been* in 
France and England in the middle of July and through August and it's really 
*cool* there, weather-wise.

>I know I am being sarcastic, but I could have joined a fencing club at
>any time.  I chose the SCA for the atmosphere, not the comfort.

C.  Congratulations on being a true student to your Don.  I know Alden, and 
love him dearly, but I must admit--he often speaks . . . adamantly.  
Sometimes people have taken offense to Alden's words.  I would hate to see 
you pre-judged, but **** happens, so perhaps it would be wiser to lose the 

>Sorry to have wasted your time.

Not at all, dear.  It's been a learning experience, not a waste at all.
>Ld. Edward Mercer
>Cadet to Don Alden
>HRM Rapier Guard.

Mme. Ghislaine-Marie Fontanneau
temporary roommate to Don Alden and HR Rolanda.

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