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Wed May 31 12:41:36 PDT 2000


You make some good points on trying to put a more period feel to Queens
Champion, however the canton sight is not best place to argue for period
site. In full view of the list field and most other areas you will see the
parking lots, modern buildings, telephone poles, Ice machines, and much
more. If these can be overlooked why not the hall? Its far less space to
decorate and far easier to give a more period feel to the list field.
Besides once the tournament is underway most of the mundanities will
disappear anyway and we will not have to deal with heat of summer.

Like the Etienne, I will abide by what ever decision is made, and I agree
"that fighting indoors is not an ideal solution, but it beats the
alternative in my opinion, and only in my opinion.  Ultimately, it's the
Queen's decision and I will abide by it.  I reserve the right to lobby for
my position up to the moment that decision is made.  You have every right to
take up a counter position, although I don't think sarcasm is really
necessary under the circumstances."

Etienne, I hope you dont mind that I borrowed your words.

In service to Kingdom and Crown
Don Brian Aaron Cameron
Queen's Own Guard

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