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gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed May 31 12:17:50 PDT 2000

Travis Walker wrote:

> Mine may not be worth much, but here it is.  I fought all day Saturday
> at Steppes in the heat, ended up fighting over thirty fights in the
> schlager tournament, then came out Sunday
> afternoon and fought all day.

Congrats on your heat resistance.   Even when I was a skinny little kid, not fat
and out of shape, I was sensitive to heat.  Some of us are made that way.   This
is not whining, this is fact.

On Saturday, I fought you and then Hawkins.   When the schlager list began,
despite having kept myself hydrated, I realized that I was getting a heat-induced
headache and that I should not fight, if I didn't want to feel much worse and
wreck myself for Sunday.  I fought on Sunday and had a headache forming by the 4th
round, despite having stayed in the shade and drinking a whole lot.  This was
without warming up...nobody I talked to wanted to in the heat.  After hitting the
AC'd hall, I lost the headache and fenced more, and better.

 Overall...if the option of a hall wasn't present, this wouldn't have been brought
up. is there...that contains relief from the heat.  Is the drop in
"periodicity" between areas of the Canton site (outdoors = power-lines and cars;
indoors = modern building) significant enough for us to choose an environment much
more likely to make people sick?   For example, Piet's lady, Christiana, made
herself sick last week, running around in the heat to give us water, and had to
leave the event...
My boots worked fine many have only leather soled boots to fight in
and no other periodish footwear...and are they truely more slippery on concrete?


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