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David Jordan jordand at
Wed May 31 15:53:27 PDT 2000

I, too, like the outdoor ambience and traditional european setting, but get
real, folks........  I was at Canton site last weekend thru the heat and the
storm, etc...... Europe is nothing like Texas in climate.

I was wearing as little as I could (not even in armor!) and was about put
down by the heat.  I saw many others, dressed more heavily than I, and they
were suffering, too!  Why not go indoors, and enjoy yourselves with a lot
less sweat and a lot more energy in the AC comfort that we have available?

I probably wouldn't last the first round among you good Dons and Cadets, but
I'd have a much better chance of really enjoying myself, your company, the
festivities of a Queen's Champion Tourney, and the opportunity to learn from
each of you if I'm not dying from heat prostration.

Wulfgar von Regensburg
(new, but enthusiastic rapier buff!)

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