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<< So do you guerentee no knee injuries?? Didnt think so. You downgrade the 
 of fewer problems but dont really deal with the possibility of such probs in
 your scenario. As for mats...well then I guess we need those for all the 
 then so we can all get used to the change in how movements feel.
  This could go on for ever folks and yea I will slug away with the rest of 
 but ya know only one person has a voice in this and she doesnt even have to 
 a tourney.
     Robert >>

Just to be a butt-head, do you guarantee no heat related injuries?  What is 
worse, heat stroke or a sprained knee.  Any time we engage in sport, we 
gamble.  We all know the possibility of injury, but if we can cut the 
possibility of "life threatening" out, then we should.
    Another angle - As courtiers to the Queen, who's comfort are we to look 
And, this decision is not ours.  We may think we have influence, but the 
decision is Allyson's.  And, I really doubt your doomsayer last line that if 
we don't want the tourney outside, she will cancel.  If she did not want a 
light champ.,  we would have known by now.
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