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David Whitford Horoun at
Wed May 31 17:06:47 PDT 2000

Hey Harry as for how a champ is chosen I would have you look at Inman III and
And no I never said no knee injuries-I was supporting Darius and his statement
about fewer heat injuries-and Ettiene brought up that ahh there were still
injuries so track the rest of it.
 Again I ask why no one has commented on simply moving the field to the trees
several people commented that it was like 10 degrees cooler there

JEvans5420 at wrote:

> In a message dated 5/31/00 6:17:58 PM Central Daylight Time,
> Horoun at writes:
> << So do you guerentee no knee injuries?? Didnt think so. You downgrade the
> report
>  of fewer problems but dont really deal with the possibility of such probs in
>  your scenario. As for mats...well then I guess we need those for all the
> groups
>  then so we can all get used to the change in how movements feel.
>   This could go on for ever folks and yea I will slug away with the rest of
> you,
>  but ya know only one person has a voice in this and she doesnt even have to
> have
>  a tourney.
>      Robert >>
> Just to be a butt-head, do you guarantee no heat related injuries?  What is
> worse, heat stroke or a sprained knee.  Any time we engage in sport, we
> gamble.  We all know the possibility of injury, but if we can cut the
> possibility of "life threatening" out, then we should.
>     Another angle - As courtiers to the Queen, who's comfort are we to look
> after?
> And, this decision is not ours.  We may think we have influence, but the
> decision is Allyson's.  And, I really doubt your doomsayer last line that if
> we don't want the tourney outside, she will cancel.  If she did not want a
> light champ.,  we would have known by now.
> Harry
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