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On Wed, 31 May 2000, Cynthia Hamilton wrote:

> Are any of the local hotels running a special that weekend?  I certainly don't
> want to CAMP in the the heat ;-)
> Regards,
> Simone

For what it's worth, my lady and baby girl and I stayed in the Days Inn
during Steppes, and it was a mere $48/night -- not bad at all, and it was
quite pleasant (and we got neither drowned nor baked).  It's about a 3
minute drive onto the site from there.

As for the great indoor/outdoor debate, like Stephan, I'm not sure there's
much new to say; I can certainly confirm Don Etienne's assertion that
those of us who have had heat exhaustion and dehydration problems in the
past find ourselves particularly vulnerable to repeat occurences, but
that's not going to make me stop fighting outside, and so.  It is
certainly possible to take care and not hurt yourself; while obviously
from what I've said I haven't done a perfect job, I have largely done well
in 31 years of Oklahoma summers.  Finding some shade for fighting, taking
breaks to partially armor down, getting plenty of fluids, spraying or
pouring or mopping cool water on skin, finding fighting garb that breathes
-- there's enough stuff here that someone skilled in Ansteorran
weather survival should write something for the Academy. :)

Now, you couldn't pay me to camp in the middle of the summer, but that
just leaves me where I came into this message...hotel information.

(aka the guy with the turban and the cute baby)

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