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Wed May 31 20:21:08 PDT 2000

Days in quote for that weekend-110.00 suprised me to

"R. Smith" wrote:

> On Wed, 31 May 2000, Cynthia Hamilton wrote:
> > BTW
> > Are any of the local hotels running a special that weekend?  I certainly don't
> > want to CAMP in the the heat ;-)
> >
> > Regards,
> > Simone
> For what it's worth, my lady and baby girl and I stayed in the Days Inn
> during Steppes, and it was a mere $48/night -- not bad at all, and it was
> quite pleasant (and we got neither drowned nor baked).  It's about a 3
> minute drive onto the site from there.
> As for the great indoor/outdoor debate, like Stephan, I'm not sure there's
> much new to say; I can certainly confirm Don Etienne's assertion that
> those of us who have had heat exhaustion and dehydration problems in the
> past find ourselves particularly vulnerable to repeat occurences, but
> that's not going to make me stop fighting outside, and so.  It is
> certainly possible to take care and not hurt yourself; while obviously
> from what I've said I haven't done a perfect job, I have largely done well
> in 31 years of Oklahoma summers.  Finding some shade for fighting, taking
> breaks to partially armor down, getting plenty of fluids, spraying or
> pouring or mopping cool water on skin, finding fighting garb that breathes
> -- there's enough stuff here that someone skilled in Ansteorran
> weather survival should write something for the Academy. :)
> Now, you couldn't pay me to camp in the middle of the summer, but that
> just leaves me where I came into this message...hotel information.
> Chandranath
> (aka the guy with the turban and the cute baby)
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