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There are several people in this section of Oklahoma who are good to work

Walter Robin cadet to Don Navarre
Chandra Mitra cadet to Don Timothy
They work out of Mooneschadowe (Stillwater) and have the most consistent
northern practices.  (WRobin is an excellent teacher.)

Don James Navarre
Don Stephen Hawkins
They live in the Wastelands (Enid) and both are excellent guides for
studying.  (These two are both really great and Don Navarre was Queen's
champion to Queen Octavia)

Don Donovan FitzPatrick
Pachomius "Puck" Oneshoe cadet to Don Timothy (me)
Yoshi cadet to Don Navarre
These three live in Northkeep (Tulsa) and their practices are usually on
Saturday mornings in Tulsa.

There are more fencers around, but these are the ones springing to mind.
I'm not sure if I know anyone teaching or running practices in Ponca City.
If you'd like to meet me at an event, or would like to come up for a
practice, let me know and we can work together.


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>I am now residing in the wastelands outside of Ponca City and would like
>to keep learning the art of fence...  please e-mail me if you or anyone
>you know in the region would be willing to help me get practice....
>Vivat Ansteorra
>William McMahn
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