[Ansteorra-rapier] Pennsic Sagas

Trish Kvamme ladyoftherose at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 14:19:17 PDT 2001

Greetings Good and Gentle Nobles!

I wished to take some time for bragging rights on my Rapier Community at

Once again Ansteorran's swept the field with grace, skill, and prowess and
showed the Knowne World that you are the prize rose of the Queen's Garden.

In the Champions Battle, the Queen of Atlantia, my dear Cousin Mary Grace,
getting caught up in the fierceness of the matches, bet her wardrobe against
mine, her Champion against mine.

Needless to say, I am a wealthy woman, for Our Don Robert was resplendent
upon the field, in an explosive match against Lord Gunthar, fought with
grace and skill, and the crowd all stopped and watched in awe of the match.

Don Eisen stood as our second Champion, and fought with beauty and splendid
form, his Chivalry and Courtesy upon the field stood as an example to every
fighter who stepped upon the list field that day.

Lord Puck stood as our third Champion, and with blinding speed and the grace
of a dancer emerged victorious round after round until there were three
allies left and only one foe to face.  Alas, the one foe lay slain just
before his turn to try, but he stood alive with the two final allies and
made us all proud. (We all bounced, it seemed appropriate somehow...)

Don Hawkins and Dona Kayliegh honored me with their assent to stand as our
alternates for the Champions Battle, but alas they did not have the
opportunity to represent us in the list that day.

Ansteorra fielded two full teams in the five man melee tournament, I would
ask Don Hawkins to brag on the Queen's Guard, and Don Robert to brag to us
on the "Dirty Old Man" team, both of which were outstanding and lethal upon
the field.

I am only home less than a day, and still very overwhelmed by everything
that took place, so those of you who were there with us, please add to the
glory stories for everyone to know my pride in Ansteorra.

The Ansteorran Tournament was a great success, my memory tells me somewhere
in the area of 70 fighters, and Don Prospere was the victor.
Lord Yoshi made a beautiful sword, and did it with great magic for it was
indeed very short notice, this gift was one of love for Ansteorra, and I am
indeed grateful.

One thing I must say to all of you.  The Rapier Community of Ansteorra was
the one great force that I could personally count upon to be there always
with me, behind me, and when I was tired holding me up.

They were there when I needed entourage help, packing, cleaning, food, it
didn't matter, they were awesome, and words cannot express my love and my
appreciation for all that was done.

Cadet Amerinda, I am certain that you are sick beyond words of the cadet
banners *grin*, thank you for juggling them and the Crown so I could join
the chivalric community on the field Friday.

My Queen's Guard joined me in the Calontir Shield Wall, along with several
of our Don's and Dona's who were deadly with spear and showed our Calon
friends the fierceness of our community.  I received the highest compliment
when we were all invited to join with them in combat any time our hearts led
us there.

Two names I must mention, Dona Gwenneth appeared magically when I was in
need of help in the morning and afternoon, and Cadet Allessandro I don't
think ever left me unless he was on the battle field, or I had fallen
asleep.  Even as I write this I start to cry again, because that kind of
devotion is something I wish every Queen in the Knowne World could know.

Larissa, Regina

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