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Ansteorran Academy of the Rapier, January 19, 2002

We still need classes and Instructors.  More White Scarves and More Non-Scarves.  This is your opportunity to share what you know.

All are invited to attend Ansteorra's Academy of the Rapier held in Waco, TX. From duelist to novice, from White to Red Scarf, from rapier to rattan -- all will be in attendance. The White Scarves of Ansteorra will be there in force: The question is...will you?

Classes will be presented so that all can benefit. Are you an advanced fighter seeking some new ideas and approaches to the Duel? Are you a novice seeking to work with an instructor about whom you have only heard and from whom you wish to learn a different technique? Or are you a rattan fighter seeking to learn the techniques of the duello? Over 30 instructors have offered their expertise to this academy, so come play, learn, and enjoy.

Consider the words of Joseph Swetnam from his "Noble and Worthy Science of Defence" written in 1617:
  "Then he is not worthy to be called a Master of Defence, which cannot defend himself at all weapons, and therefore greatly wronged are they which will call such a one a Fencer, for the difference between a Master of Defence and a Fencer, is as much as between a Musician and a Fiddler, or betwixt a Merchant and a Peddler"...

Preliminary List of Classes....
(Please confirm with me at modius at cityscope.net your oks)

Anatomy and Blowcalling w/ The Machine ~D. Tivar
Inside the Mind of a Duelist ~D. Miguel, D. Modius, D.Brenden.
Beginning Buckler ~D. Isobel, Ld Conor Drummond
Battlefield Medicine of the Renaissance ~D. Ettienne
Technical aspects of blade behavior ~D. Gwenneth
Drills and Katas ~D. Iago, Ld Tristan
Glovemaking ~Ldy Chiara
The Care and Feeding of a Fighter~ Ms Xene
Basic/Intermed Cloak ~Ld Conor Drummond, Ld Avery
Intermed/Adv. Buckler ~D. Brenden, Ld Geoffrey
Melee Tactics ~D. Robert, D. Kayleigh
The Effects of Cuts w/ Meat ~D. Kayleigh, D. Eisen
Historical Spanish Rapier ~D. Puck, Ldy Gabriella
Overview of 16th Century Civilian Sword ~D Aeron
Digesting DiGrassi ~D. Aubrey, Ld Martin
Fighting with the Long Blade (40"+) ~D. Piet
Intermed/Adv. Dagger ~D. Modius, Ld Edward Mercer, Ld Aaron Stuart
Basic Dagger ~D. Tivar
Making a Fighting Doublet ~Ldy Judith
Period Medical Care for the Wounded Duelist ~Ld Thomas Buchannen
Mysterious Circle School/Spanish Style ~Ld Cathal
Armour Ideas ~D. Eule, HL Eleanor
Shoes and Boots ~Ld Benedict
Youth Rapier ~Ms. Aethelyan, HL Delphina
Field Marshalling ~D. Ansgar, Ms. Aethelyan

Need instuctors for
Single Sword
Crossing Over (From Chiv to Rapier)
Teaching of New Fighters
London Masters of Defence
Fighting with the Long Blade (40"+)
Basic Marshalling
Anything Else You care to instuct

Don Modius von Mergentheim, OL, OP
Class Coordinator

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