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I am certain that in the format that I am sending this to you in it is 11
pages long. If you shrink the font and are creative with the images you can
get it to around 5 pages. In addition, I can provide the extended
bibliography as a hand out further shortening the length of pages. If you do
that let me know and I will send you the short biblio.

This article has been published in this past Spring's TI.

Franchesca Havas
McKinney, Texas

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> Unto all good people of Ansteorra does Lord Conor Drummond send his
> greetings and hopes that the day finds you hale and well.
> My lords and ladies, I have the honor of assembling the booklet for this
> upcoming Academy of the Rapier.  Academy will be held in Emerald Keep on
> January 18-20, 2002.
> This is the second call for submissions for this Academy.  So far I have
> received 5 excellent papers, however I would like to include many more!
> We are looking for and welcoming papers on a variety of Rapier-oriented
> subjects .
> Please keep these following suggestions in mind for your submission:
> 1. please keep your papers between 2-5 pages in length
> 2. please keep the material original, i.e. something that has not been
> published for a previous Academy
> 3. please submit your papers in an electronic form (MS Word, PageMaker,
> Text, Wordperfect are all fine).  If you cannot submit your paper in an
> electronic form, please contact me and we¹ll work something out.
> 4. The final day for accepting submissions is December 31st.  Please have
> your papers to either myself or to Lord Edward Mercer by that date.
> If you are teaching a class, and you are planning on having a handout, I
> would like to include your handout in the booklet.  This will save you
> additional printing costs and will ensure that your students have a copy
> your handout/paper.
> Thank you my friends for your time.  I am looking forward to delivering a
> great informative booklet for this Academy.
> More details to follow.  If you have any questions, please feel free to
> contact either myself or Lord Edward.
> In service,
> Conor Drummond
> Cadet to Don Iolo
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