[Ansteorra-rapier] German Crossbow for Sale

Potterkd2@cs.com Potterkd2 at cs.com
Mon Jul 9 16:52:37 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the lists,

Don Eisen has asked me to post to the list regarding selling his German
Crossbow made by Master Iolo.  He is asking $200 for the bow yet he paid
$250.  The bow is also fitted with 9 combat bolts with marklins -- $15 for
the group.  In addition to the above he has a quiver for $35 (fitted to the
bolts). The quiver holds 25 bolts head up and 15 head down.

Lastly, he has 12 loose baldar blunts and 14 that are shafted for long bow.
He is asking $2 each for the loose and $3 each for the shafted.  He is
willing to sell the 14 for $35 ($7 savings) and $60 for all (both loose and
shafted) also at a savings to the buyer.

As always - first come first serve :-).  Please e-mail me privately.

HE KayLeigh, WSA

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