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Sat Jul 14 22:29:09 PDT 2001

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I am sure there are as many opinions on this issue as there are Rapier
fighters in this great Kingdom. I feel that the issues surrounding us (Rapier
Fighters) should be discussed with all that are affected. We also trust the
WSA to represent us to the Crown and the KRM. One suggestion I have would be
to hold an open meeting before the circles and simply ask our opinions. As
far as how much influence the opinions should carry is another situation that
should vary from issue to issue. One example is who gets made a WS that is
something that should be decided on how well that person fits the role and
not how long they have been playing or how many tourneys they have won. My
feelings are that if the general populace decided that, it could turn into a
popularity contest instead of the true and noble position that it was created
for. That is my two cents worth.

Lord Eithin Mor

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