[Ansteorra-rapier] Advisory Roll

David Whitford Horoun at swbell.net
Mon Jul 16 17:36:36 PDT 2001

Sean Hertzberg wrote:

> Agreed.  What is right is right, no matter what everyone else beleives.  But
> you cannot make the call in a vacuum.  You have to take into account what
> others are saying, doing, thinking.  If, after that, you still feel that you
> are correct in how you are going to act, then I would hope that you would
> vote as you felt was right.  I wish MORE of the Circle did that.

Ummm..."wishing more of the circle would that", so you are saying you are aware
of the choices of many (or most) WS in circle? Think carefully before you answer
that one.

> Avery (good arguement *grin*)

(seeing a dangerous and open line to leap on-grin)

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