[Ansteorra-rapier] Advisory Roll

James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Mon Jul 16 22:04:50 PDT 2001

Wow, this grand. Great points made on all sides.

I will comment that there are times when someone would very much like
to express an opinion but is not comfortable doing so on a public
forum. That does not mean they just need to sit down and shut up.

On another point, the ideal of the order is something we all share but
none of us ever attain. To be something respectable, more than a gang
of fighters, we must have a goal that is forever greater than we are
and we must always reach for that goal. Looking (figuratively) around
the circle I see great men & women and I am honored to be in their
company. However I also recognize that the White Scarf stands for
something greater than this collection of individuals and that is it's
true value. We cannot embody the perfect soldier, courtier, scholar
and teacher by being all these things; we are destined to fall short.
But our order can embody them by forever reaching for them.

Er, I think I drifted there. My point is that the ideal and the
endless quest to attain it must be a shared thing in the community,
not just among the WS and that makes your thoughts and opinions

Consider also that we do not seek to bring someone into the circle and
then see them become a Don/Dona. We look for those who already are
Dons and Donas so we can advise the Queen to give them the recognition
they deserve and, incidentally, corner them so they have to
participate in our discussions, be a target, etc. How can you become a
Don if you do not express your opinion or influence the course of
rapier in the kingdom? Unlike the military, we expect our candidates
to act like officers before we promote them.


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