[Ansteorra-rapier] A Challenge for the Known World

Purple, Academia Site Master purple at schoolofdefence.org
Tue Jul 17 10:04:45 PDT 2001

Unto the Rapier Combatants of the Known World does The Honorable Lord
Warder, Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple, send greetings on this, the
seventeenth day of July.

Good my lords and ladies, pray attend!

We have heard many tales and stories of the prowess of the Fencers of the
Known World.  The names of Don Tivar, Don Dylan, Maestro Artimis, Baron
Gwylym, and many, many others are well known, even to us in the MidRealm.

But we have our own Fencers here in the MidRealm.  And the best of them are
enumerated in the Warders of the Company of the Bronze Ring.  And we Warders
wish to make it known that the Fencers of the MidRealm have tales to be told
about them as well.  If you have not heard about the deeds of Warder Cecil,
the skill of Warder Kristoff, the sheer audacity of Warder Vincent...

Well, soon you will have.

The Warders of the Bronze Ring offer this challenge to all the Rapier
Combatants of the Known World, from every shire and canton, every
principality and kingdom:

Bring it on.

We will be arrayed against you on Thursday, August 16th -- not 30 days from
today -- from 11 of the clock in the morn till 2 of the clock after the
noon.  Bring your Dons, your Provosts, your Maestros, your Cadets.  We will
take them, extract all valuable liquids, minerals and nutrients from them,
and cast back their lifeless, husklike bodies.  Oh, and we'll take their
money, too.  :P

And then the tales of the Company of the Bronze Ring will fly across the
Known World, as fencer after fencer asks...

"Who were those guys in the Bronze Scarves?"

And I have a personal challenge for Don Thomas de Castellan:

Thomas -- when last we met, you authorised me.  You were the master, and I
was the student.

You cannot defeat me.  I AM THE MASTER NOW!

Don't forget -- right after the Youth Rapier Tournament and the Trimarian
Fort Rapier Battle, from 11 am to 2 pm, in the Rapier List.

(please forward this missive to all relevant lists, please)

in service and in song,

Andrew Blackwood MacBaine the Purple
Warder, Company of the Bronze Ring
Minstrel, Fencer, Bearward and Player (and INSTIGATOR) (from the ACTE of
Web-Minion to the KRM -- http://www.midrealm.org/marshal/fencing/
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