[Ansteorra-rapier] Advisory Roll (longish)

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:01:29 PDT 2001

>Thanks for not taking offense - I was kidding, but I often come across
>as too mean.  I think it's because I'm around a kind of teasing/hazing
>kidding all day and I'm just used to people having thick skins.
>People in the SCA do not often have thick skins when it comes to

No worries...I will just remember the next time we fight...;).

(Snip lots of good things from Hawkins)

What it breaks down to is that I think we are arguing the same thing from
different sides.  I know that you will listen to what is going on around
you, and take the information as you will depending on who it is from...so
would most of the Circle.  The problem is that if people think that the
Circle will not listen at ALL, then they stop talking to you guys.  I know
that Gwenneth has gotten information about subjects too late in the past
because no one would approach her and tell her what was going on.  That is
what I do not want to see happen.

> > >Hawkins
> > >Northern Regional Rapier Marshal
> > >Allyson's : )
> >
> > Yes you are Allyson's Don...but you were Navarre's cadet, and when
>you were
> > "just a cadet", your oppinion stil mattered.  And so does everyone
> > Some just get heard more clearly and more often.
> >
> > Avery (good arguement *grin*)
>Just to clarify my intent, I did not emphasize Allyson's awarding me
>my WS in order to take advantage of that automatic respect it
>might/might not carry.  I did it because:  1.  I'm very proud of
>Allyson in particular, and 2.  It was kind of a neat parallel.  I
>don't think you were implying otherwise, I'm just allergic to the
>potential for misusing an award that way and I don't want people to
>think that was my aim.
>I'm also very proud of being Navarre's cadet, I could have used it
>just as well probably.
>Anyway, I also enjoy our talks.... it's been awhile since we stayed up
>'til 4:00 a.m.

Didn't think you were doing so, not your style.  ;)

Will be camping at Queens...perhaps Saturday night another talk might be in
order?  ;)

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