[Ansteorra-rapier] Advisory Roll

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:53:02 PDT 2001

>Sean Hertzberg wrote:
> >
> > Agreed.  What is right is right, no matter what everyone else beleives.
> > you cannot make the call in a vacuum.  You have to take into account
> > others are saying, doing, thinking.  If, after that, you still feel that
> > are correct in how you are going to act, then I would hope that you
> > vote as you felt was right.  I wish MORE of the Circle did that.
> >
>Ummm..."wishing more of the circle would that", so you are saying you are
>of the choices of many (or most) WS in circle? Think carefully before you
>that one.
> > Avery (good arguement *grin*)
>   Robert
>(seeing a dangerous and open line to leap on-grin)

Why Don Robert,

I would NEVER think to presume to know what members of the Circle were
thinking.  It is not my fault that some of them happen to talk too much...;)

Avery (the quiet)

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