[Ansteorra-rapier] Too much?

Russell mahee of acre husted at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 19 03:52:41 PDT 2001

"So why isn't he/she a WS." reply 'Well he/she was never anyone's cader'.

I am not in anyway stating that I should be a WS, because I do not feel I
should be...but, If I were of that quality and caliber it would be very hard
for anyone to notice because the closest practise is over an hour from my
house. I am a scribe and marshal first. And I have a family, which makes
doing all the things a cadet needs to do...difficult at best. As I said, I
am not whining, but I would not say that there are not those in our Kingdom
who are missed for simular reasons.

your servant,

>Ok, I have another uncomfortable question. Think about who you have
>seen get a WS in the past 3 or 4 years. Think about the candidates you
>see out there now.
>Do you think people are being promoted too early? Held back too long?
>I am not talking about one or two people -- that one WS you hate or
>your best buddy who you have heard the circle is talking about. But in
>general. PLEASE, NO NAMES.

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