[Ansteorra-rapier] Too much?

Charlie Cain/Larkin O'Kane larkin at webstar.net
Thu Jul 19 10:42:30 PDT 2001

BSilveraxe at aol.com wrote:
 If you have 10 WS in a barony and they see a candidate all they time
they are as agroup going to be more familiar and more amiable towards
them and therefore that candidate would have a stronger voice in the
circle.  On the other hand if you have 4 active WS in an entire region
the candidates from that area are going to suffer from that for the
lack of support from the numbers in the circle. 4 - 10 are not good
odds in any book.

And 0 - 10 are even worse. This is not entirely accurate for the
westen region, Even though we presently have NO members of the WSA in
the region, we DO have several who HAVE lived in the Western Region
and are aware of the difficulties here. [Yes, I know that's a double

> The members of the WS are among the most dedicated to thier craft of any of the circles.  They take it very seriously.  As they should and for those who aspire to thier level should take it seriously also.


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