[Ansteorra-rapier] Too much?

David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net
Thu Jul 19 16:24:35 PDT 2001

"Purple, Academia Site Master" wrote:
> I'm sorry, I just wanna poke my head in here and giggle a bit...
> I know Texas is a big state, really I do.  But in the MidRealm, we've got
> fencers in South Dakota who are 4 hours from the closest OTHER FENCER.  One
> of our Bronze Rings lives out there, and the next closest one is something
> like TEN HOURS away, if not more.
> Please go back to your regularly scheduled talk, I'll go hide again... :)
> purple

A valid point. However, from Miami, OK to Brownsville, TX is 870  road
miles, and roughly 18 hours driving time.

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