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I'm sorry, I just wanna poke my head in here and giggle a bit...

I know Texas is a big state, really I do.  But in the MidRealm, we've got
fencers in South Dakota who are 4 hours from the closest OTHER FENCER.  One
of our Bronze Rings lives out there, and the next closest one is something
like TEN HOURS away, if not more.

Please go back to your regularly scheduled talk, I'll go hide again... :)

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All in all the scarves are doing doing the best for thier order that they
can.  Sometimes though, some candidates fall through the cracks, or are
elevated a little early because of geographical circumstances.  I am not,
repeat, NOT saying this out of bitterness but out of observation.  If you
have 10 WS in a barony and they see a candidate all they time they are as
agroup going to be more familiar and more amiable towards them and therefore
that candidate would have a stronger voice in the circle.  On the other hand
if you have 4 active WS in an entire region the candidates from that area
are going to suffer from that for the lack of support from the numbers in
the circle. 4 - 10 are not good odds in any book.

But having sat the throne and sat in on way too many circles I find that all
in all these things will balance out in the long run.  The members of the WS
are among the most dedicated to thier craft of any of the circles.  They
take it very seriously.  As they should and for those who aspire to thier
level should take it seriously also.

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