[Ansteorra-rapier] Soap boxes

James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Sat Jul 21 18:42:52 PDT 2001

Laurie Garnes wrote:

> Now, I know that you guys get busy.  Fine.  But if
> you guys are going to keep saying how all we have to do is
> ask to get to fight with you, follow through on that
> sometimes.  If this had just been a one-time problem, I
> would not be upset.  But this has happened at every large
> event I've gone to.  (Most of the small ones have either
> had enough fighting during the tournament to keep me busy
> or, more often, no scarves in attendance.)  Last year at
> the Rapier Acadamy, this problem of no one to fight with
> was brought up and almost unanimously all the WS's and
> cadets claimed that all we had to do was ASK. Ok, well I've
> spent the last year doing just that.  I haven't seen much
> of a change in the problem.  Am I just asking the wrong
>  people?  Who do I need to be talking to now?

I think there may be a way to work out a solution for this
because I doubt you are alone in this. First, think about the
realities of the situation.

At Queen's, most of the WS will be too busy to do much of
anything extra. I know the schedule and that is how it is.
It will also be hot so no one will want to fight between
rounds until they are out. Also, as it gets later in the
afternoon less people will be interested in fighting.

On the up side, we are predicting a huge list -- perhaps
100 or so. Larissa tends to be quite charismatic but
beyond the numbers one might normally expect from that we
are also expecting a lot of armored fighters who also do
rapier to be there for Gidion's knighting. While they are
there many will fight in the list.

Ok, so by the end of the third round there should be
something like 50 fighters out of the list. It will be
about 11:00am and the temperature will be in the low to
mid 90s. There will be lots of shady space around the site.

So, how about if right after the 3rd round those fighters
who are out and still want to fight, get together and start
doing pickup fights? The timing won't get better and there
should even be some WS among those eliminated. I know I am
often eliminated in the 3rd or 4th round.

Why not ask if it can be announced between rounds, starting
after the 3rd? I know Larissa will want you all to come back
and watch starting about the quarter finals but that should
leave plenty of time. My guess is that there will be about
11 rounds with a round robin at the end so if you went to do
pickups after the 3rd and started watching again at the 9th
you would have 6 rounds to play and you could get in a lot
more than one fight per round.

BTW, don't forget the rapier melee practice on Sunday...

While I am writing this, let me include a shameless plug. If
you are undecided on Queen's, let me encourage you to go.
Besides being the largest rapier event in the next 6 months
this one will be an amazing production. The site is beautiful,
there will be lots of "interesting characters" and great
surprises. Come expecting more than just a tournament.

Don Dore

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