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Yeah, I am not on the redtape list (even though I should be), but I
heard about this second hand.  I think it is a bad idea for the
following reasons:

1.  Queen's Champion is a tradition.  It is an enjoyable event where
the rapier tournament is the primary attraction.  Further, it is an
event where the *Queen* is the center, something that I think is

2.  King's Champion has what seems to me a traditional slot, before

3.  If King's Lancer and Royal Huntsmen need more attention - get them
separate events.  Talk to the Crown, to your local group, and host the
first separate event for the championships.

4.  Frankly, the event you're proposing would be horribly crowded.
Queen's Champion is already busy, add three other championships and it
would be unreasonable.  There are only two people, the King and Queen,
to watch the events.  Let's say the King watched his Champion tourney
and the Queen watched her Champion tourney, do you think you would
feel better being part of the event while being ignored?  Two of the
championships (who knows which two during any given reign) are going
to get less attention (or conceivably all four are going to get
attention, but sporadically, while the Crown runs themselves ragged
trying to please everyone), whichever two it is aren't going to be

I don't like the idea.  Why combine them and ensure lesser events for
all four?  Separate them and free up some attention for your

Don Stephen Hawkins

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> Thought that y'all might want to see this fellow's idea.  This was
> brought up on Red Tape.  I asked Richard Fairborn if it was okay to
> forward it here, and he said yes.
> Isobel

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