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Wed Mar 28 16:46:13 PST 2001

The real trick is finding a site that meets the wants of all those events
Kings Champion is usually done at Coronation.
Queens usually comes with the request for a major hall where the elaborate
gowns that tend to be worn can have a better place to be worn.
Lancer requires a equine friendly site. Huntsman needs big open area
There are very few sites I think that can meet all of these needs, thus you
would greatly reduce the groups that might be able to bid on the individual
champion events.

gtaylor wrote:

> Thought that y'all might want to see this fellow's idea.  This was
> brought up on Red Tape.  I asked Richard Fairborn if it was okay to
> forward it here, and he said yes.
> Isobel
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> Subject: RT- Royal Champions Tournament
> Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:09:49 -0600
> From: "Eadric Anstapa" <eadric at>
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> Looking at the online Kingdom calendar it appears that
> the Queens Champion event has a date reserved as far
> forwards as we care to look.  Usually one or two weeks
> following Coronation.
> I am curious why the other Royal Champion events are not
> given the same respect and courtesy?  I can find no
> mention of King's Lancer, Royal Huntsman, or King's
> Champion on the Ansteorran Calendar.
> Perhaps it is time that Ansteorra considered having a
> single  "Royal Champions" event where all of the Royal
> Champions are chosen.
> It seems to me that having a single event for these
> competitions would simplify things, possibly clear up
> space on the calendar, certainly it will make planning
> easier for the populace and the crown, assure that
> competitions like King's Lancer and Royal Huntsman are
> not treated like stepchildren, and insure that all of the
> championship tourneys are treated equally and given the
> respect that they deserve.
> Any thoughts?
> In Service,
> Lord Eadric Anstapa
> Coastal Regional Archery Marshal
> eadric at

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