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James T Crouchet jtc at
Wed Mar 28 19:48:19 PST 2001

> I am curious why the other Royal Champion events are not
> given the same respect and courtesy?

Or stated differently, why is Queen's special?

Because we have no crown tournament in rapier.

Would you combine Crown and Queen's and give them EQUAL billing and equal
priority on time slots, etc.? Would you consider making every other Crown a
rapier list? No?

Queen's is the premier tournament for about half the fighters in this
kingdom. That is not true of any of the other tournaments mentioned.

Yes, those of us who follow the way of the rapier want the whole slice of
pie all to ourselves for one day. We want to be out in front, on display and
larger than life. We want one day that is all for us.

And what do we want to do on this day? Why, of course, we want to honor our
Queen who is the most important symbol we have. We want to express our
gratitude to the Queens of Ansteorra who's love is what made us into
something more than an oddball activity done off to the side by a few
misfits. We want the Queen to have one day during which she is never
overshadowed by anyone -- not even her king.

Even if you could convince us to share OUR day, you will not convince us to
share HER day.

In service to Queen and Country,

Don Christian Dore

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