[Ansteorra-rapier] "Mistresses of the Game" Rapier Tavern Brawl

Jon Bilderback jon_bilderback at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 16:07:35 PDT 2001

Greetings to one and all,

I'd like to invite everyone in the rapier community to attend the Boar's
Breast event happening Saturday, June 23 in Lockhart, TX.

Of particular interest is the Tavern Brawl.  For those interested, here is
the concept:

You and a few friends are relaxing at the Boar's Breast Inn, and are rudely
interrupted in your revelry...  Fighting ensues...

Just a few guidelines for those interested:
*  All weapons must be sheathed or otherwise "put away" when the brawl
begins.  You are after all, just out relaxing.
*  Non-traditional weapons are encouraged, but keep them within reasonable
bounds of what you would find in a tavern, or be carrying on your person
from day to day.  The marshal has the final say.
*  Teams will be small, preferably only 2 or 3 people each.  Choose your own
teams.  After all, you are out partying with a few friends.
*  There will be outside interference in the list, but nothing to take
anyone out of the game.  After all, fights are ok, just don't harm the girls
or wreck the bar.

That's it.

For more information, please feel welcome to visit the "Mistresses of the
Game" Web site:

Thank you, and I hope to see you there.

Jon Bilderback
AKA Caliban the Orphan
jon_bilderback at hotmail.com

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