[Ansteorra-rapier] melee practice

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Tue Sep 4 19:31:56 PDT 2001

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All these and more are being talked about with the regional commanders and
hopefuly (crossing fingers here) we can get the regionals to work at "home"
with their people with these types of things.

Don Pieter Rausch, WSA

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> How to dress the line.
> How to advance as a line.
> How to wheel left or right.
> How to maintain order when the line is split
> What to do if you lose the person standing beside you.
> How close do you stand to others to maintain a line while not binding
> your neighbor's arms.
> I can't remember the last time I have seen the basics of how to be part
> of a line engagement taught. and our new fighters are having to learn in
> live scenarios. This is not conductive to helping these new fighters
> want to be part of the line at war. Nor have I seen any sessions on how
> to run as a mobility unit (cav) We are learning allot from these
> practices and our performance on the filed is improving. However it can
> only improve so far if we don't teach the new people coming in the
> basics of what we are doing.
> Hl Darius of the Bells,

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