[Ansteorra-rapier] melee practice

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Sounds like you're volunteering.  I suggest you draft a syllabus and
submit it.  A class at Academy of the Rapier also sounds appropriate.

Don Stephen Hawkins

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> Greetings friends
> At Gothic war this weekend we had allotted of fun doing melee's on
> Sunday. Both War Scenarios and a resurrection battle. I wanted to
> mention something that I had noticed as I was thinking back over the
> activities on the way home. We had several new fighters on one of
> lines, some new all together and some just new to melees. While our
> certainly had heart repeatedly taking the pounding we received and
> returned to start and tried again and again, it demonstrated that
> we are telling our new melee fighters the conventions and rules of
> engagement we are not teaching the very basics of a line engagement.
> How to dress the line.
> How to advance as a line.
> How to wheel left or right.
> How to maintain order when the line is split
> What to do if you lose the person standing beside you.
> How close do you stand to others to maintain a line while not
> your neighbor's arms.
> I can't remember the last time I have seen the basics of how to be
> of a line engagement taught. and our new fighters are having to
learn in
> live scenarios. This is not conductive to helping these new fighters
> want to be part of the line at war. Nor have I seen any sessions on
> to run as a mobility unit (cav) We are learning allot from these
> practices and our performance on the filed is improving. However it
> only improve so far if we don't teach the new people coming in the
> basics of what we are doing.
> Hl Darius of the Bells,
> Cadet to Don LLywllyn
> "Besides the artist two things are to be considered in every art,
> instrument and the audience" - Sir Walter Raliegh

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