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Some of us are also hvy. fight in a shieldwall unit (the fray) if you talk
with the leaders of the fray they could also help with basic tactics, they
work for both. If no one knew here we have 2 knights, 4 squires, 1 don and 8
cadets in the fray. I'm one of the cadets.
Ld Carlos Ritchey
Cadet to Don Vald of Western Seas
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><< I can't remember the last time I have seen the basics of how to be part
> of a line engagement taught. and our new fighters are having to learn in
>  live scenarios. This is not conductive to helping these new fighters
> want to be part of the line at war. Nor have I seen any sessions on how
> to run as a mobility unit (cav) We are learning allot from these
> practices and our performance on the filed is improving. However it can
> only improve so far if we don't teach the new people coming in the
> basics of what we are doing.
>You have brought up some concern that are valid.  First off -- unless there
>was a change in practice there is always a break in-between the melees --
>discuss what is going on -- why and what.  I have also in the past asked
>is new to melees and given them some information regarding what to expect.
>am not sure how many practices you have had the opportunity to attend in
>past 3-4 months but that is the usual MO for them.
>I must however disagree with your views on the active teaching method.
>Talking does not replace doing.  While at Pennsic we were able to take
>someone within the 5 man melee and make her an interracial part of the
>Gabriella has only fought for 4 months and that was her 3 time in a
>melee.......practicing the previous day in a 5 man practice for about and
>hour was enough to help us go undefeated into the semi's.
>I have seen an amazing jump in understand, skill and quality over the past
>year with the fighters of Ansteorra.  Something of which I very proud.  You
>are right in that one is only as strong as your weakest link, but I feel
>the local practices that are going on around the kingdom -- and taking time
>out within these kingdom melees we are address the issues above.
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