[Ansteorra-rapier] melee practice

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I think that bringing information from one martial discipline to
another is always a bonus.

but (you knew there was a but, didn't you?)

I don't think all tactics and strategies carry over.  In fact, I
believe that many of the best stuff won't carry over.  In my opinion,
many ideas are going to turn out to be unique to chiv melees.  Using
mass to break a shield wall works great for the heavies, but I don't
think it will carry over well due to the nature of our weapons.
Shield walls work well in heavy, I don't see them as being all that
useful in rapier.

I think the most basic stuff will.  For example, I fought as a spear
this weekend at Gothic.  I learned that it was often easiest to get
shots on someone at an angle to you who wasn't expecting to be thrust
at from your position.  That has always worked for me in rapier and it
carried over perfectly.  Basic situational awareness carries over,
with some learning curve for the differences in vision, hearing, and

Anyway, feel free to bring information over, I think that's great.
What I worry about is that the real melee experts (in any style) will
expect all their good stuff to carry over (to another style).  When
they present their knowledge and don't see it used like they know it
should be, they may not realize it is due to the differences inherent
with what will work in each style.


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> Some of us are also hvy. fight in a shieldwall unit (the fray) if
you talk
> with the leaders of the fray they could also help with basic
tactics, they
> work for both. If no one knew here we have 2 knights, 4 squires, 1
don and 8
> cadets in the fray. I'm one of the cadets.
> Ld Carlos Ritchey
> Cadet to Don Vald of Western Seas

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