[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Melee practice

Puck Curtis puck_curtis at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 07:09:10 PDT 2001

>From: "Theron Bretz" <tbretz at io.com>
Kayliegh said:
> > If you can't support then don't discourage.

Etienne responds:
>I'm not discouraging anything, I'm encouraging an alternative viewpoint.

Puck further replies:
I think you used the phrase "eschew war practice."

Main Entry: es·chew
Pronunciation: e-'shü, i-; es-'chü, is-; also e-'skyü
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French eschiuver, of Germanic origin;
akin to Old High German sciuhen to frighten off -- more at SHY
Date: 14th century
: to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds : SHUN
synonym see ESCAPE
- es·chew·al  /-&l/ noun

  I think that saying "eschew war practice"  would technically count as
discouraging war practice, especially if you are encouraging others to shun,
frighten off, shy away from, or escape it.

  If you don't want to play, that's cool.  I think what makes Ansteorra
great is knowledge, skill, and tradition.  I personally believe that
studying swordplay in any situation increases the collection of knowledge
that we possess as a kingdom.  Other kingdoms hold a great deal of respect
for what our rapier fighters have achieved in tournaments, period style
re-creation, and large melees.  By continuing to study, we add to the
tradition.  How could that be bad?

At least that's my thought.  Your mileage may vary.


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