[Ansteorra-rapier] Revised KWAR Marshalling Standards

Purple, Academia Site Master purple at schoolofdefence.org
Thu Sep 6 18:06:53 PDT 2001

Good gentles.

Obviously, I've gotten a lot of email over the past few hours.  I have
received many constructive comments.  I have attempted to incorporate many
of them into these revised KWAR Marshalling Standards.

I ask that you consider this:  It is very hard to explain a visual/tactile
thing over email.  To that end, I propose the following:  At KWAR, before
the lists open, I will conduct an inspection to these standards so that all
may see it.  If there is still a major problem, I'll drop them, done deal.

I am NOT intent on keeping people from fencing.  I am NOT intent on some
sort of power play.  What I _AM_ intent on is trying to provide as
homogenous an inspection as possible, so that all KWAR fencers are inspected
as similarly as possible.  I had hoped that this would reduce interkingdom
issues, rather than inflaming them.

I know that some of you have been treated poorly by MidRealm Marshals in the
past.  All I can do is apologize for that, and state as strenuously as
possible that I'm not interested in treating anyone poorly.  I was everyone
to be happy and safe.

Personally, I think that when you show up and I can SHOW it to you, you'll
see that there's very little change, except perhaps in those kingdoms that
don't touch their fencers at all during an inspection (which, I'm sorry, I
just don't get).

So, here they are, and I'm sure I'll get lots more comments:


1)	There will be two official inspections, one each day.  All fencers must
be inspected EACH DAY if they intend on participating in Combat.  Combat
includes open fencing, tournament fencing, or full-speed interactive

2)	If available, blades may be inspected before/at the Friday night "Mixer".
These blades will be marked with stickers so they may be bypassed at the
inspection Saturday morning.  These "bypass" stickers are ONLY good for the
Saturday Morning Inspections.

3)	All masks must be inspected twice - once while OFF the fencer, once while
ON the fencer.

4)	All masks will be tested for fit by "flicking" under the chin, or by
having the fencer shake his/her head vigorously.  Masks that come off the
chin need to be tied down.  Please remember that the combination of snug fit
and the spring-tongue in a conventional fencing mask is NOT sufficient, by
itself, to secure the mask to the fighter, per The Society Rules.  Ties will
be made available.

5)	All fencers will be asked if their armor has been punch-tested in the
past 2 years, according to Society Rapier Rules.  If not, the armor MUST be
punch-tested.  In the event that armor fails, loaner armor will be
available, or the failing armor will be fixed.  It is NOT the MIC's intent
to keep people from fencing.

6)	Armor must have sufficient overlap.  The overlap will be checked for:
gloves over sleeves, boots/shoes over pants/tights or boots/shoes under
skirts, hoods and/or drapes over/under armor.  If necessary, this overlap
will be checked with a gentle tug.

7)	Light rapiers may only be inspected by marshals from kingdoms that allow
them.  Heavy rapiers may only be inspected by marshals from kingdoms that
allow them.

8)	Light rapier combat may not take place on any list unless there is a
marshal from a Light rapier kingdom.  Heavy rapier combat may not take place
on any list unless there is a marshal from a Heavy rapier kingdom.

9)	All armor will be inspected to Society Minimums.  Fencers are on their
honor to not use armor or weapons that their kingdom's rules specifically
bans (ie, MidRealmers may not use epees).  Copies of the Society Rules for
Rapier Combat will be available at the List Table.

10)	Every combatant will be asked if they have signed a waiver.  It does not
matter if their kingdom is "pay to fight" or not.  Everyone signs a waiver.
If they somehow got past troll without signing one, waivers will be
available at the List Table.

11)	All fencers are reminded that different kingdoms have different
blow-calling rules, and are also reminded that communication is a VIRTUE.
The marshals are there to HELP YOU resolve your conflicts over draw cuts,
tip cuts, thrusting force, etc.  If you have a question ASK, for we are NOT
TELEPATHIC.  Should a situation arise not explicitly covered by Corporate or
Kingdom rapier combat rules, the marshals should NOT assume that the
situation is forbidden or inappropriate. Again: However, no matter how clear
or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgment, and concern
for the participants.

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