[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Melee practice

Theron Bretz tbretz at montroseclinic.org
Fri Sep 7 07:50:28 PDT 2001

[Quoting No One]

Hey folks.  Etienne here.  The guy who started all this.  Look, I was trying
to make a joke, poking fun at what I see as an over-emphasis on rapier
melees and our war efforts.  I was not trying to start a religious war, even
if I am a Huguenot rabble-rouser by trade.

Are rapier wars/rapier melees period?  Not as we practice them.  So be it.

Are rapier wars/rapier melees fun?  So I'm told.  Perhaps if I didn't have a
congenital defect that only seems to manifest in my inability to stay alive
during a rapier melee I might feel otherwise.  As it is, I find them
tedious, and drilling to get good at them even moreso.

In short, do what you want.  As someone pointed out here, the SCA is not a
hard-core re-enactment group.  To me, it's a celebration of the spirit of an

the 1960s...

Actually, I feel it's a celebration of the best of the period.  So let's not
over-analyze things here, and let's remember we're all Ansteorrans here
(well, most of us are).

So, could we all just take a couple of steps back and let this topic go?
I'm sure we all have bigger fish to fry.


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