[Ansteorra-rapier] Rapier Melee practice

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Thu Sep 6 18:45:32 PDT 2001

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> It's fun. Okay, for some folks, I guess it is. But let's not attempt to
> clothe it in propriety or respectability. As Heinlein said about writing:
> "It's not necessarily something to be ashamed of; but do it in private, and
> wash your hands afterwards."
> There. I feel better.
> Alden
> (who didn't want Etienne to go down in flames by himself...)

OOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK?????????? When was it said during any part of this thread
that rapier melees were period in any shape form or fashion? OR .."attempt to
clothe it in propriety or respectability."? All that has been said it that we
find it FUN. That some really like doing it. You also said .."The fact that
it's possible to devise tactics and strategy for rapier-wielders also doesn't
lend it any credibility. " Have we asked for credibility? Or have we just
asked to let the people that want to have fun ...  have fun and those that do
not wish to join in not make snide comments about a part of our game that is
used just about society wide . Don't like'm? Don't fight in them. Simple
isn't it?


P.S. I once again found no "smilys" in your post there for you have found
none in mine.

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