[Ansteorra-rapier] looking for input for this years GW

Walter Robin wr at plumes.org
Mon Sep 17 10:36:23 PDT 2001

It what way, ugly?  I was on the losing side for all of the town battles,
and even in the resurrection battle where we were pressed into the single
resurrection room, I did not have a sense of anger or blow escalation or
uncontrolled behavior on the field.  I can see that the press of bodies
could make the marshals concerned, but my perception of the mood of the
field was very comfortable.

As a War Point, I suppose that could all change....

Ld Walter Robin,
cdt Navarre

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> Chandra wrote...
> "The town battles were a blast.  For me, the melee high point of the War.
> Authentic feel, great opportunity for use of restrictive paths, and no
> end to opportunities to fight.  To me, the town battles are the perfect
> form for rapier melee."
> From a marshalling perspective, the town battle was the ugliest.  Can't
say exactly why, but it was.
> Iago

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