[Ansteorra-rapier] Diamond Wars - Sept 27,28,29 - Kingdom of Meridies

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Tenative Rapier Schedule for Diamond Wars -
Rapier Marshal in charge:
Friday - Damiano
Saturday - Alysia Gabrielle /(Tormod - Queen's Rapier Champion Tourney)
event coordinator - Blars Kyostti (dinokruz at aol.com) co-coordinator - Sheamus
Volunteers are requested for waterbearing, heralding, list mistress,
marshaling/ushering, etc. (email above or post to group)

Rapier Fighting - Diamond Wars

6pm  Pickup Fights <Field or Amphitheater>
Thurs through Sat Key Dueling (single Elimination)

     Damiano Elie Benni (C.A.R.)- Marshal in Charge
10am - Armor Inspection/Authorizations <Field or Amphitheater>
11am - Fledgling Tourney <Field B or Amphitheater>
         - Pickup Fights
         - Practical = Intro to Rapier Technique (hands on class) - Blars
12 noon
1-2pm Meridian War Training <Field or Amphitheater>
2-4pm - Pickup fights/ practice for beginners
5pm - Authorizations
6pm - Dinner Break
7pm - Spanish Square <Amphitheater>
       - Bear Pit
       - Dagger Tourney

Alysia Gabrielle (Principality Marshal)- Marshal in Charge
9 - 10 - Armor Inspection/Authorization <Field or Amphitheater>
10am - Queen's Rapier Champion Tourney (rescheduled from Cornation) -
            Tormod (kingdom rapier marshal) - Coordinator <Field>
10am - Fledgling Tourney (or intro to rapier technique class)
11- 12 - Scenario Melees - <CABINS>
               Verona Street Brawl
               Alley/Tavern Brawlls
12 Noon  - Lunch
1-2pm   2 or 4 man Team Tourney
              (Pro/Am Combo)
2 -3pm   Woods Melee <WOODS>
               Roman vs Celts Resurrection Battle
3 -4pm   Baroness Choice Tourney (swiss Five) <Field or Amphitheater>
5pm - Key Dueling Finale'
5:30pm - prepare for court and feast

(schedule changes will be posted beneath the yellow rapier flag on Field A -
please check for current and timeline info. As always, events will follow SCA
time and may
not be exact - adjustments made due to participation, weather, or marshaling
concerns are and can be expected)

Blars Kyostti (cure-s-t) RMiT
Colonel Walter Buttler's Dragoons - 1634 Timeline - Live Steel


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