[Ansteorra-rapier] Looking for.....

Roschbach, Chauncey Chauncey.Roschbach at Inspectorate.com
Fri Feb 1 21:46:17 PST 2002

'allo All,

Rather than writing a bunch of one line emails, I'll answer these sparkling
gems all at once...

>Must of been a pretty hefty rock for it to take this long... Missed you at
>Defender of the Fort...Raven's Fort, you do remember that group north of
>you right?

The rock was bloody huge. It would have to be for a gentle of such
diminutive stature as myself to fit under it so completely.

In truth, I was very sorry to have missed Defender, being there for you
would have meant a lot to me, but I'm glad the mighty Don Pieter (man, I
giggle just typing that, the mighty part, that is) was there to take my
place behind the thrones.

I'll see if I can manage to stay active enough to justify taking it back
from him this year.

>Hmmm and oddly familiar smell of peat-should I know you?

Ahem... take a whoopin' out of petty cash and get back to me.

>Did you just say he smells like Piet?


All right. You can stab me. You can shoot me. You can set me on fire. You
can even shave my head and call me Shirley (though that does cost a little
extra). But no one and I mean no one, compares me to the Dutch!

Prepare yourself for the taste of unbridled fury that called, by those that
have lived to tell the tale, wookie noogies(tm) when next we meet! *grin*

>All this has to make you wonder just why did you miss us so much<G>.

Because I love the whole twisted lot of you, ya' goob. Though I must admit,
I'm not exactly sure why...

>WOW *blink, blink* your demise is defiantly overstated *big grin*  "Hi"

The rest of you reprobates could learn a good deal from Kayleigh. Kayleigh I

*bow* Your Excellency, it is down right good to hear from you.



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