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Phelippe Descors descors at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 00:48:58 PST 2002

Better late than never.  Please read below and tell me what you think about
the idea.  FYI, I have already emailed Don Eteine about this.

Take care,


What I am thinking about doing is hosting a tourney
>as close to the London
>Masters of Defence tourney as possible.  After a
>little bit of thinking the
>first conclusion I came to would boil down to a swis
>5 which happens all the
>time.  So I have been thinking about having a
>tourney that involved the
>fighters using both light and heavy weapons but that
>would limit the fighter
>pool because not everyone can fight light or heavy
>(and vice versa.)  What
>would you all recommend?  I know that a LMoD tourney
>involved rapier
>fighting but also involved fighting with a great
>sword and also a pole arm.
>I have been thinking lately to have this tourney set
>up for both light and
>heavies with the idea that it would help promote
>rapier combat due to the
>fact that if a heavy fighter wanted to fight then
>s/he would have to get
>authorized in rapier to enter (and same with the
>rapier fighters that don't
>fight heavies) but on the flip side it could result
>in having the opposite
>effect that I don't want.  Is there any comments
>that you all could offer
>that could help me plan a tourney along these lines
>that could have a
>positive result that could also promote rapier
>fighting or maybe create a
>whole bunch of fighters that can fight either form.
>If you choose to respond to this please be honest in
>your opinion and also
>be realistic, if you think my plan for this type of
>tourney would work tell
>me and if you don't think so please tell me why you
>think that.
>Talk to you all later,
>      Phelippe

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