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That actually sounds like fun.
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> Good idea to try and get the heavy fighters and spectators involved in
> rapier fighting. But I'm not to sure about getting the heavy fighters to
> fight rapier or rapier fighters to fight heavy.
> There are some heavy fighters who make excellent rapier fighters. And some
> rapier fighters who make excellent heavy fighters. But there are some
> fighters who are un-suited to be rapier fighters. They hit too hard, they
> think all the blows are light, and they just can't help but slashing their
> opponent. And some rapier fighters, for whatever reason, can't fight
> I would suggest a tourney with pairs. One heavy and one rapier. They fight
> another from their style. Whichever partner wins his/her bout, picks up
> three bean bags, positioned between the fields, and throws them at his/her
> partner's opponent. The bags are poisoned daggers which will kill either
> fighter if struck. That way the fighters will try to partner up with the
> best other fighter they can find.
> It will bring in the heavys, their followers, and will showcase some of
> better, hopefully, rapier fighters. Thereby increasing the interest in
> rapier fighting.
> Or at least I hope so.
> Anyway, just my thoughts.
> Toshiro Koi
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> >So much for keeping it a secret until I get everything worked out with my
> >plans.....I guess this is what 20 hours of no sleep gets me.
> >
> >Well, I guess it's a public discussion now.  Everyone throw your 2 cents
> >if you want.  Just be warned that there is not a set date or event that
> >this
> >will happen at.
> >
> >G'night all,
> >
> >     Phelippe (who is now crawling under the covers until about noon)
> >
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