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Fri Feb 8 07:46:42 PST 2002

Good idea to try and get the heavy fighters and spectators involved in
rapier fighting. But I'm not to sure about getting the heavy fighters to
fight rapier or rapier fighters to fight heavy.
There are some heavy fighters who make excellent rapier fighters. And some
rapier fighters who make excellent heavy fighters. But there are some heavy
fighters who are un-suited to be rapier fighters. They hit too hard, they
think all the blows are light, and they just can't help but slashing their
opponent. And some rapier fighters, for whatever reason, can't fight heavy.
I would suggest a tourney with pairs. One heavy and one rapier. They fight
another from their style. Whichever partner wins his/her bout, picks up
three bean bags, positioned between the fields, and throws them at his/her
partner's opponent. The bags are poisoned daggers which will kill either
fighter if struck. That way the fighters will try to partner up with the
best other fighter they can find.
It will bring in the heavys, their followers, and will showcase some of the
better, hopefully, rapier fighters. Thereby increasing the interest in
rapier fighting.
Or at least I hope so.
Anyway, just my thoughts.

Toshiro Koi

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>So much for keeping it a secret until I get everything worked out with my
>plans.....I guess this is what 20 hours of no sleep gets me.
>Well, I guess it's a public discussion now.  Everyone throw your 2 cents in
>if you want.  Just be warned that there is not a set date or event that
>will happen at.
>G'night all,
>     Phelippe (who is now crawling under the covers until about noon)

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