[Ansteorra-rapier] Linen Specs

James Crouchet jtc at io.com
Sat Feb 9 00:08:03 PST 2002

Your guess sounds good. However, due to my experiences with aging
linen, I now recommend 4 layers plus a linen shirt. Before you test,
wash the linen and then dry it in a dryer THREE TIMES. (You should
also do this to any linen before you sew it). Make sure the jacket
passes without counting the shirt.

Once you make the jacket, don't put it in the dryer any more; let it drip
dry or it will weaken quickly. When the linen gets to be a couple years
old, it may no longer pass the test. THAT is when you need to add in
the shirt to the test so it will continue to pass for another few years.

Even at 4 layers, your linen will still be cooler and more comfortable
than trigger or cotton.


On 8 Feb 2002 at 16:40, DUFRESNE at sbcglobal.net wrote:

> I apoligize if this message already came through; my e-
> mail client crashed when sending, but I can't see any
> evidence that it actually sent.
> Does anyone have a rule-of-thumb when shopping for
> armor linen?  We've all heard of "Judy's linen", but
> few of the suppliers have.  I've heard "medium-weight
> linen", but I don't know what medium-weight is.  I've
> identified a source that carries linen in 3.5oz,
> 4.6oz, 5oz, 5.3oz, 5.5oz, 5.9oz, 7.1oz, and 7.4oz
> weights, and I don't know what to start with.  I
> understand that the punch test is the only real test,
> but I have to wait for delivery, and I don't have
> access to a punch tester or a broken blade.  War is
> approaching awfully quickly for someone who
> procrastinates as much as I do...
> Barring any other information, I'm leaning towards the
> 5.9oz--it appears to be medium-heavy (for this
> supplier's range, anyway), and it's the least
> expensive of them all.
> Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
> ---Victor duFresne
>    Shadowlands
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