[Ansteorra-rapier] Linen Specs

Delphina Champeaux lady_rapier at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 9 06:19:09 PST 2002

Judy's linen was given it's name by a lady who either
owns or workes at Silk Road in Austin.  From what I
understand she will tell you that it's a meduim weight

I have just ordered a 5.9 oz that looks to be tightly
woven to try.

The oz is only what it weight the weave is also
important in the strength test.

If the supplier that you are looking at sells samples
I would get a couple of different weights and try them
or buy a yard of two or three of the 5. somethings and
punch test them before buying all of the yards.   I
know that I will use the material for something else
if it doesn't pass a punch test.

I hope that this was helpful.  Please feel free to
contact me if I can be of anymore help. (or if I was
unclear ... I haven't had my first cup of coffie
yet... smile)


> I apoligize if this message already came through; my
> e-
> mail client crashed when sending, but I can't see
> any
> evidence that it actually sent.
> Does anyone have a rule-of-thumb when shopping for
> armor linen?  We've all heard of "Judy's linen", but
> few of the suppliers have.  I've heard
> "medium-weight
> linen", but I don't know what medium-weight is.
> I've
> identified a source that carries linen in 3.5oz,
> 4.6oz, 5oz, 5.3oz, 5.5oz, 5.9oz, 7.1oz, and 7.4oz
> weights, and I don't know what to start with.  I
> understand that the punch test is the only real
> test,
> but I have to wait for delivery, and I don't have
> access to a punch tester or a broken blade.  War is
> approaching awfully quickly for someone who
> procrastinates as much as I do...
> Barring any other information, I'm leaning towards
> the
> 5.9oz--it appears to be medium-heavy (for this
> supplier's range, anyway), and it's the least
> expensive of them all.
> Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
> ---Victor duFresne
>    Shadowlands
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