[Ansteorra-rapier] Suggestions for classes for the next Rapier Academy

AMBERD@flash.net AMBERD at flash.net
Tue Jan 22 09:11:37 PST 2002

I have a few suggestions for classes :

1. Motivational Tactics 101 – Carrot verses the stick
2. Dingo to Don – Do you ever lose the taste for cadet
3. When the Abused child becomes a Parent – Breaking
the cycle of abuse.
4. When to neuter your don? Is he marking everone?
5. Passing Blame – My cadets perfect, but yours is
making him look bad?
6. 10 ways to thicken the Sauce after you removed the
7. Fomenting a group – Common enemy approach
8. Learning your history – The 20 question approach.
9. Pranks 101 – It’s a Catch 22, so make sure you have
fun up front.
10. Relationships 101 – Have “You’ve lost that lov’n

Amerinda di Praga
Cadet to Don Ansgar

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