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Fortunately Chrystal sleeps more than me and thus remembers many more things
and write them down.
(who hates typing and doesnt sleep enough to preserve his memory)
>On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 22:07:52 -0800 (PST) RJ Allen
<chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com> wrote.
>Greetings to the list... Short History of the Kingdom Banners 101
>Hopefully this will offer a perspective as to why whenever I talk
>about, ask about the Kingdom Banners, I may sound a little possesive,
>overly concerned... yeh, it's like taking care of a form of "child". My
>only disclaimer is that I am remembering this as I type. My perspective
>only. Yadeda, Yadeda, Yadeda...
>Robert (then known as Horoun- cadet to Don Durmast), had an idea that
>it would be really nifty to have banner/flags to go to Pennsic that
>were larger than the ones they were using at the time. At the time,
>Ansteorra's banners were very small, so small it was almost
>embarrassing, ya get the picture. Also, to display them on banner poles
>used in parades using harnesses (which were uncomfortable, but you were
>glad you wore them when the wind picked up, it was fun!!)
>With assistance & guidance from Gwynn the Lizard Keeper & Katerina
>Arentino, they showed the rest of us (I was not a cadet at this point
>in time) how to design, cut, sew from start to finish. The project was
>funded from the majority (unfortunately not all) of the people who were
>cadets at that point in time.
>The people that actually designed & helped construct the banners were:
>Cadets: Robert (Horoun), Zorcon, Henri, Andre
>Non-Cadets: Gwynn, Kat, Jalali, Martin & myself...
>(Am I leaving anyone out Robert? Kinda feels like I am... but who?)
>The Cadets presented the banners at... hmmm, I believe it was a Bryn
>Gwlad event, to Patrick & Julia (#?) who were on the thrones at that
>time. The wind was blowing something fierce during that early evening
>court. The effect was beautiful, it even made Patrick Michael
>bleary-eyed, outright cried in public, along with the rest of us!
>The condition made between that current Crown & Cadets was that the
>banners up keep, maintenance, travel, keeping them all together, etc.
>were the sole responsibility of ALL OF THE CADETS ONLY!!!! It gave them
>something to do, to be resposibile for something, a job for lack of a
>better term, because they (as a group) were like youngsters starting to
>get bored & leaning towards getting into "trouble" (pranks
>overboard). It was also to be that the Crown (from that point forward)
>were not to haul the banners, poles & harnesses, the Cadets were to
>organize that part of the deal to make sure they were at any events
>that the Crown was at.  At last count, there have been 3 different sets
>of poles (one set was chain link top rail fencing pipe trimmed to 7-8
>feet- one had to use the harnesses then); may of had 2 sets of 2
>There was also a time that the holding of the banners in court
>responsibility was shared with the Squire's to help show cross-support
>for each fighting community. The Squire's would sometimes hold the
>Queen's Banner & the Cadets would hold the King's or vice-versa.
>Depending on who you talk to, it didn't go over-all very well with the
>Rapier Community... (too many damn politics if you ask me) Anyway, I
>The tradition was started back around, hmmm, don't have my references
>in front of me currently, but I'd say around 1992-1993?  /-
>Where are the banners, poles & harnessess these days? Just overly
>curious... as a whole
>Should the banners tradition continue? Yes, I think it should & at some
>point, they may need to be replaced due to wear & tear... who would
>consider taking on that project? The cadets? Some other group? Food for
>thought for the future.
>Hope this helps, thank you for your time,
>In Service,
>Chrystal Ariana MacRuari
>Cadet to Don Aubrey & Don Zorcon
>--- GabriDAvila at netscape.net wrote:
>> Hello again to the list...yes, this message is indeed intended for
>> the whole list...
>> I think Hawkins reminded me of some good points. Until the recent
>> Hullaballoo, I didn't know that the cadets were responsible for the
>> Princess or that there was a Princess' blade. I think it wonderful
>> that cadets are given such a responsibility.
>> I was aware of the cadet banners. I know that some of Puck's most
>> memorable and meaningful moments were carrying the cadets banners at
>> recent wars - especially into opening and grand courts. I remember
>> Amerinda carrying the banners at recent war during some of the
>> battles too, and I hope it was a similarly rewarding experience for
>> her.
>> Would someone who knows share on this list how the Princess' blade
>> and the cadet banners came into being? I know there must be a good
>> story there that is worth sharing and knowing.
>> Gabriela
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