[Ansteorra-rapier] Re: <Cadet's Corner> Modius'Academy Thoughts

Theron Bretz tbretz at montroseclinic.org
Wed Jan 23 09:37:24 PST 2002

> This is where the debate over whether cadets are a group or just a bunch
> people with relationships to dons seems silly (to me :-).  The dons seem
> expect cadets to work together on some projects,

Yes and no.  I agree with you if you replace the "The" in front of dons in
your second sentence with "Some".  This is a classic case of the opinions of
one portion of a group being seen as a statement of policy.

As Tivar recently said to me on an unrelated topic, the White Scarves of
Ansteorra haven't had a united opinion since Luigino got his scarf*.

*For those keeping score at home, he was the second WS.

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