[Ansteorra-rapier] Cadet Banners, Princess' Blade

GabriDAvila@netscape.net GabriDAvila at netscape.net
Tue Jan 22 16:03:25 PST 2002

Hello again to the list...yes, this message is indeed intended for the whole list...

I think Hawkins reminded me of some good points. Until the recent Hullaballoo, I didn't know that the cadets were responsible for the Princess or that there was a Princess' blade. I think it wonderful that cadets are given such a responsibility.

I was aware of the cadet banners. I know that some of Puck's most memorable and meaningful moments were carrying the cadets banners at recent wars - especially into opening and grand courts. I remember Amerinda carrying the banners at recent war during some of the battles too, and I hope it was a similarly rewarding experience for her.

Would someone who knows share on this list how the Princess' blade and the cadet banners came into being? I know there must be a good story there that is worth sharing and knowing.


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