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The cadet banners were a result of Pennsic 19 when Sionna and myself were tagged for banner detail for the opening ceremonies. What we were handed were the small banners that are usually used to hang inside the royal pavilion. Well as we walked along behing Calontir with that big mucking purple banner waving we both commented on feeling
kinda cheesey. Upon returning home I started to gather support and funds till we had enough to proceed. Laven, Henri, Zorcmyself spent about 24 straight hours doing all the aplique. None of us knew how to sew and were coached along by several ladies who giggled alot. If any of the pics from the making off have survived they are somewhat
humorous. Then they were finished and presented to Patrick and Julia at her Queens Champion. The reception was incredible as Patrick was unable to speak as he was choked up and those in the audience were suprised at this sort of effort from "those troublesome cadets". They then traveled to the first Gulf Wars carried there by cadets, as
the rest of our presentation was that the cadets would get them to any event the crown desired. This was done for them as they were responsible for so much regalia that it was felt kind not to burden them with more. There are more stories that go with them that are available on request(preferably not typed)

GabriDAvila at netscape.net wrote:

> Hello again to the list...yes, this message is indeed intended for the whole list...
> I think Hawkins reminded me of some good points. Until the recent Hullaballoo, I didn't know that the cadets were responsible for the Princess or that there was a Princess' blade. I think it wonderful that cadets are given such a responsibility.
> I was aware of the cadet banners. I know that some of Puck's most memorable and meaningful moments were carrying the cadets banners at recent wars - especially into opening and grand courts. I remember Amerinda carrying the banners at recent war during some of the battles too, and I hope it was a similarly rewarding experience for her.
> Would someone who knows share on this list how the Princess' blade and the cadet banners came into being? I know there must be a good story there that is worth sharing and knowing.
> Gabriela
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