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Well as a "free ranger".  Is that like a chicken???  Anyway, as this was my
first academy and my first chance to sit in on a
"roundtable", I have to say that at least people acknowledged there was a
problem.  It could be worse.  You could have a problem
and be unwilling to acknowledge it.  I have a few points to make.

1)  It was good to hear about this problem.  I can say that since I am not a
cadet and am not on the cadet's corner, I had no idea that this issue
     was fermenting like this.
2)  I don't think that the cadet's corner is bad.  As was pointed out, it's
hard enough having any sense of community in a large kingdom.
     Keep what you have.
3)  I am grateful for the chance to speak.  As a bard, I am intensely
curious about history, and have more than once felt irritation at
    helpful ideas, such as the only way to know how to be a don is to spend
time in Don Iolo or Don Robin's front room.  What if it is almost
    impossible to be in such places?  You have no idea how much I would like
to see things like the Rapier reunion.  Think of them as a chance
    for anybody that cares to do so, to figuratively spend time in these
people's living room.   Just as long as we don't set them as a museum
    That would be way to odd for me.
4) On the need for new blood.  I have heard of people interested in rapier
that said that unless you weren't interested in being a cadet or white
    nobody would train you.  Has anybody else heard this?  I'll be the first
to admit that this may be one person's perception, but if other's feel this
    way, then there is a problem.  It's possible for someone to start
dabbling and once they get the hook in their mouth they're stuck.

In closing, I had a blast.  It's amazing how good some of our fighter's are.
The teachers were helpful, and tonight I go to fighter practice knowing much
than I did before.  Also, one last thing, that discussion did do one thing
for me at least.  I realized that I cared.


AKA Pubear of Bjornsborg

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> Is cadets corner counter productive? Not every cadet and nonscarf is on
> list, do they miss out by not being part of the discussions we hold there?
> Do we miss out by not having their input? By holding discussions on
> cadetscorner concerning the welfare of the community do we give the
> impression that the cadets and freerangers are not concerned and not
> to correct the problems that we see?
> Amerinda
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